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Where Luxury & Destination Meet


Technology Right at Your Fingertips


Technology at Your Fingertips


Premier Jet is the world's first and leading private jet charter app. Quickly download the application to either iOS or Android phones, and search luxury brands with the exclusive global mapping system. Users can find luxury brands that they can shop at with the destination and the ability to filter with brand names and promotions. 


We Are


Providing a Number 1 Service

Premier Jet App brings luxury right to your finger tips

Fast Performance

Fast performance and delivery brings the best results in luxury mobile app shopping

Online Support

Our agents are here for you 24/7 

Top Security

Premier Jet App provides premium security for an enhanced shopping experience

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Premier Jet App also features registration or login with Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Experience elite products with eye-catching imagery, whilst viewing luxury products in different categories. Shop luxury products and organize delivery at ease on the app, whilst working smoothly on all platforms.  

Accessible from All Locations

Premier Jet App also allows the luxury consumer to share products to social network accounts. Create a favorite or wish list in the app, as well as receive the app’s push notifications preferences in the personal account such as sales, promotions, offers, new arrivals and collections.




We've Come a Long Way

Technology Solutions for the Modern Traveler

Premier Jet App is developed as an e-commerce mobile application for luxury brands to be used in the aviation sector. As well as luxury travelers while spending their time at the airport, the application allows the users to fly, buy and jet all in one. 


Mobile App Facts

Premier Jet App is innovative to the luxury industry

Premier Jet App will be the leader in grossing a billion dollars in sales by 2025

Premier Jet App is the leading mobile app designed exclusively for the Private Jet Charter industry

Best Luxury App

Designed for Jet Charter Industry

Exclusive to Corporations


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